Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Divine Beings," by Michelle Lawrence

Tight economic times take marriages into tough places.  This marriage is no different.  When her husband finally lands economic success by creating and selling Jesus zucchini, he stretches the patience of his wife.  With the endorsement of his mother and church, he invites his wife to join the fold. The language is packed with character revealing description and action.  The surprise at the end is well earned with a twist on the religious thread that runs throughout.  For a great read turn here to Stones Throw Magazine.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Orphans," by Douglas Light

It’s a story of loss.  She’s without parents since nineteen years old and family connections .  What she has now is only the memory of an abusive uncle.  Advice was given by a neighbor’s dad, a policeman, who counseled her to get a gun. While drinking wine, she remarks about cork: “Twenty-five years it takes the tree to mature.  Then it’s stripped naked of its bark, and stripped once every nine years after that.  The thought terrifies me.”   Language moves this story forward with inevitability of character.  She is now twenty-five.  For a chilling read go here to failbetter